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University of Waterloo Non-Academic Policy Nursing Essay

The topic this term will be to analyse the policy of a university regarding the code of conduct for non-academic situations, subject to Ontario laws. The student will explain the application of all the legal concepts covered in class to the term paper and propose recommendations regarding the legal issues. You do not go outside the class material covered in class to complete the term paper. USE FOOTNOTES and appropriate references. Times Roman, 12 points, Report format University of Waterloo Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary with Key Recommendations (1 page) 2. Introduction (4 pages) – explanation of the paper, objectives, ethical issues and methodology – how did you completed the paper steps by steps – including the business relationship with the stakeholders 3. Clause-by-Clause Analysis (8 pages description and explanation of all the clauses of the document) – Alcohol Use and Education – Religious Accommodation – Smoking – Student Appeals 4. Application of any legal principles (20) covered in class (3 pages) and where these principles are to be found in the agreement; 5. Recommendation (2 pages) 6. Application of the agreement with your problem scenario of your choice, legal corrective measures with provisions dealing with all the elements of the document (2 pages) 7. Document

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