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My supervisor replied to me and he asked me to expand and provide more detail on my educational objectives Nursing Essays

I applied to an elective and I wrote my learning objectives. ? My supervisor replied to me and he asked me to expand and provide more detail on my educational objectives. ? In its most useful form, an educational objective is “SMART” (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and Time-?bound). ? What they are looking for things like:? By the end of my rotation I will be able to:? Describe, name, explain, analyze, teach, conduct, do such and such. Ideally, you would even be able to say how ?you will demonstrate that you have achieved this competency, for eg: “I will demonstrate my learning in a 30 ?minute presentation to my peers or to my supervisor, or to people in the village or through self-reflection to be ?discussed with …”? I need your help to rewrite, edit and modified my educational objectives as their requested format.? I will attache their requested format. This is my original email ? The primary reason I want to pursue this elective is because ever since I started my residency program here at ?MSH, I have been thinking about the challenges in family medicine practice back home. I know there are many ?differences between the two practices and that every community has its own unique cultural values. Because the ?resources and the health care system in Jordan are so different, I think I can learn a tremendous amount about the ?different modalities in medical treatment, the impact of culture on treatment and patient care, and to better ?understand the interaction between health care systems and indigent populations. I believe that spending four ?weeks as a family medicine resident in Jordan will help me to become a more well-rounded practitioner and a ?more professional healthcare provider.? ? My learning objectives for this elective are as follows:? ?1. During my 4 weeks elective, I will increase my perspective on the role of the family physician in the ?community and the health care system in Jordan, to be able to practice the ideal family medicine ?practice. ? ?2. As I will be practicing in an academic institute, I will be involved in teaching medical student and ?academic half days. And this will be evaluated by my supervisor ?3. To acquire experiential knowledge on the provision of family medicine care in a different practice ?environment and demonstrate a logical and appropriate clinical approach to the care of patients, utilizing ?local resources while adapting to the social limitations and cultural biases of the local population.? ?4. To increase my knowledge of and exposure to certain life-threatening illnesses that are prevalent in ?Jordan.? ?5. To learn to adapt my approach as a physician to different cultures and practices but also maintain a ?rigorous professional standard of care regardless of circumstances.?

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