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Summative Reflective report Nursing Essay

Summative Reflective report: You will not be able to reflect on everything in 2000 words as this is likely to result in a superficial description. Rather you should select ONE – THREE topics/experiences/ significant incidents and /or PI’s from your Personal Development Plan to explore and reflect on in depth. This is an open topic, however, some elements you may wish to explore can include:- • How “experiential learning” has impacted on your practice • Any problems / difficulties you encountered, how you overcame these (if appropriate) • The management of patients & interacting with other health care professionals • Profound personal/professional experiences that have influenced your development • How positive feedback and constructive criticism have enhanced your learning/changed your practice. • Team working, anti-discriminatory practice or positive professionalism My topic: 1- Poly Examination it means (trauma examination or the patient who scanned more than 3 x-ray images on the same time). 2- Theatre ( on this report I ask you kindly to follow the same structure and subtitles and text cations and references on the example file on attached) . the maximum word count is 2000.

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