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Self learning Journal Research Paper

March 28, 2016

Self learning Journal Research Paper

This is reflection on a case that I have b seen during my rotation in mental health as medical student the reflections should be governed by the rules That has been mentioned in previous reflection (document will be attached) which was a summary for this article: Plack, M. M., & Greenberg, L. (2005). The reflective practitioner: reaching for excellence in practice. Paediatrics, 116(6), 1546-1552. (article is about how can we write a medical reflection. THE CASE FOR REFLECTION is well illustrated in the power-point that it will be attached. , My reflection is all about is what I learned from the difference between schizophrenia and drug induced psychosis. Different point of views between me and the consultant who thinks that the patient doesn’t have delusion but I thought that she is having delusion by thinking her-self as part of TV show and through my reading I found that it is very hard to differentiate between substance-induced psychosis and schizophrenia …and so on.

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