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SCI 100 SNHU 7-2-1 Scientific Developments Rubric

Question Description
Part 1

7-1-1 Scientific Developments

Based on what you have learned and the article “The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel” that you read earlier, answer the following question:

1.What importance does the topic of your news story and the question that you developed in Project 2 (Attached) have to you and to society as a whole?

Must be in APA format and show references.

Part 2

7-2-1 Important Answers
Create a slide that includes answers to the questions below and any graphics you feel would make the slide more eye-catching. You are required to submit a single slide, but you may create additional slides if you wish.

How does understanding the science behind the topic and research you have chosen benefit you? What is the advantage to you, and potentially those around you, of understanding the science behind the issue?
How might finding the answer to the specific question you posed in the question development worksheet in Project 2 (Attached) affect others around you?
If you are unfamiliar with creating presentations, use the resources in the 4-2 Presentation Supporting Resources document to learn more before getting started.

To complete this assignment, review the following documents:

7-2-1 Short Answer Rubric (Attached)
Presentation Supporting Resources (Attached)
7-2-1 PowerPoint Presentation Template (Attached)

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