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Research Report

March 24, 2016

Research Report

Overview Due to the significant consequences of poor safety practices, occupational health and safety is heavily regulated in Australia. But the benefits of this have been profound, with statistics showing a significant reduction in injuries and deaths on construction sites, and consequently in medical and compensation costs to the industry. However there is always more that can be done. The regulatory framework which underpins the improved occupational health and safety environment sets out the principles and practices that all workplaces must adhere to. Failure by organisations and individuals to meet these standards can result in serious consequences, including large fines and potentially jail terms. This framework should be clearly understood by anyone working in construction. Major Assignment 1 – Research Report For this assessment task, students are required to prepare a professional and well sourced research report which looks at and discusses the regulatory framework, principles and practices of occupational health and safety, as they apply to the construction industry. The report should start with a look at the origins of the safety regimes that exist today and consider some of the key legislative issues in health and safety, and how they relate to various different parties within the industry. Also as part of this report, students should select one contentious health and safety topic from a reliable media source, and research all aspects the opposing views around the issue. The report should include some statistical references, as well as the student’s own perspective on the issue, based on the research undertaken. All references used for this research report must be reliable, and must be correctly cited in the report. For the contentious health and safety topic refer to this Thanks


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