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Professional Roles and Communication: Why is healthcare provided by a team of different professionals? How do we achieve this? Nursing Essay

HOW TO GET STARTED 1. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? WHAT THE OUTLINE SAYS… To successfully complete this assessment task, you are required to answer the following questions: 1. Briefly introduce the concept of inter-professional practice and why it is integral for quality health outcomes 2. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of selected healthcare team members; 3. Discuss the use of inter-professional communication in health care. 2. WHAT TO ANSWER – Please NOTE operative words: e.g., “Briefly introduce, discuss etc). – An awareness of the following areas: a. Professional roles in light of inter-professional practice. How significant/insignificant is this to health outcomes b. Importance of professional communication in inter-professional practice c. Roles and responsibilities of selected healthcare team members: There are a lot of team members that make up the healthcare team. In light of this and considering the length of the assignment, it is suggested that you limit this to the disciplines in this unit; maybe plus doctors. 3. HOW TO ANSWER •Work that is used and not acknowledged is considered plagiarised (COPIED) •You must acknowledge ideas or words that are not your own •Choose four references to support your argument Page 2 of 3 Your response needs to be supported by relevant published evidence (text-book or peer -reviewed journal articles) that help explain your response to the assessment question. Do not use consumer resources such as printed brochures, hospital consumer leaflets/websites, or consumer websites. Include at least four (4) relevant published references (text-book or journal articles) which help explain your response to the Assessment Task One question. 4. SUBMISSION Length and/or format: 800 words 5. PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENT •Build self-knowledge about the multi-disciplinary healthcare team and identify the importance of professional communication in achieving positive patients’ outcomes. •To receive early feedback in reflective academic writing. Learning outcomes assessed: 2, 3, 8 (Please refer to the Unit outline) 2. Compare the roles and responsibilities of the health professions in a typical interdisciplinary health team; 3. Explain the theoretical and professional dimensions of therapeutic and inter-professional communication; 8. Use information technology effectively to support your learning 6. HOW DO I CITE MY CHOSEN REFERENCES? •APA style –see your study skills text and the ACU website Page 3 of 3 •Look up ‘in text’ and ‘reference list’, you need to do both of these things with your literary sources •Don’t stress out -it is designed for us to give you your first feedback on academic writing •Concentrate on getting four (4 )references perfect!

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