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Principles of Research & Evidence Based Practice Module Nursing Essay

Principles of Research & Evidence Based Practice Module (3000 words) 1) Examine the relationship between the research process and development of Evidence Based Practice (EBP) (1000 words) should include :- Explore importance of EBP Quantitative and Qualitative research Different types of evidence and levels (hierarchies) awareness of the research process. barriers to the implementation of evidence Dissemination of research 2 articles to critique (each article 1000 words) Research approach:-(with reference) Is it quantitative or qualitative or mixed? Is this appropriate for the research purpose? Sampling:- (with reference) What type of sampling has been used? E.g.:- purposive, convenience, random, etc. Is this appropriate for the study? Methods of data collection:- (with reference) What did they use to collect data? Interview, focus groups, observation, questionnaires, measurement etc. Was this appropriate for the research approach used? Validity &reliability OR trustworthiness & credibility:- (with reference) How did the researchers ensure these? What were the limitation (if any)? Ethical consideration:- (with reference) Was the study granted ethical approval? What about other issues such as informed consent, confidentiality, anonymity, fairness etc? Analysis:- (with reference) How were the data analysed? Was the technique appropriate for the research approach/data? Results:- (with reference) How were results presented? Were they clear? Did they answer the research question? Discussion:- (with reference) Did the authors discuss the results in the context of previous findings? Limitation of the study:- (with reference) Did the authors identify limitation? If not, did you pick up any significant limitation? Strengths:- (with reference) Overall, what was good about this article? Implication of the study for practice:- (with reference) What are the key implications for practice that arise from the study? Articles:- 1). Original research: Empirical research- Quantitative “The relationship between nurse staffing and inpatient complications Journal of advanced Nursing 71(4),800-812. doi:10.1111/jan.12572 Louise Winton Schreuders, Alexandra P. Bremner, Elizabeth Geelhoed &Judith finn Accepted for publication 6 October 2014 2). Family carers Becoming a caregiver: new family carers’ experience during the transition from hospital to home Angelika Plank, Valentina Mazzoni and Luisa Cavada Accepted for publication 8 oct 2011 journal of clinical nursing,21,2072-2080,doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2011.04025.x Plagiarism 10%. One reference compulsory for each 100 words. For reference, Books & Article should be within last 5 years. Eg:- of ref model (Harvard referencing) As a professional discipline, this knowledge is important for guiding practice. (Liehr & Smith, 2008). Ref list eg:- Royse, D.D. (2008) Research methods in social work(5th ed.), Stamford : Cengage Learning Preference link for Research Assignment • Joanna Briggs InstituteURL • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)URL • Scottish Inter-collegiate Guideline Network (SIGN)URL • The Cochrane CollaborationURL • Library LinksURL • Evidence Based Practice, MOH, SingaporeURL

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