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Pressure ulcer assessment tools. Nursing Essay

March 24, 2016

Pressure ulcer assessment tools. Nursing Essay

1- Assessment Pattern: Students will submit a portfolio of evidence that will include: the completed LAP, evidence of learning (eg. Review of the literature or professional practice, teaching packs, reports) and a (written account of learning) (2500 – 3000 words) this will demonstrate flexibility in integrating theory with practice, the ability to reflect, to review and to evaluate learning in the workplace. 2- Module Title: Developing Professional Practice -Work-Based Learning. 3- My specific Topic is: Pressure ulcer assessment tools (written account of learning). Please important note: All references should be new years between 2016 – 2009 —————————————————————————– 4- See below the Example Portfolio Contents List: 1. Introduction and summary Page numbers/sections 2. Acknowledgements 3. Learning Action Plan 3.1 Original plan 3.2 Amendments to plan 4. Written account of learning 5. Evidence of Learning 5.1 Outcome 1 evidence 5.2 Outcome 2 evidence Etc 6. References 7. Appendices e.g. Evidence, supporting statements, etc. ————————————————————————– 5- I will upload all the module guides and please read it carfully. Please see the attachment. 6- About Learning Action Plan (LAP) in Summary plan Page NO.(4) and point (3) Debate the nursing roles in the use of pressure ulcer tools and the development of policy. I have talked with Tissue Viability Nurse and she sent for some information and policy, please see the attachment. 7- Please don’t forget at the end to attach the Appendices e.g. Evidence, supporting statements, etc. 8- Please note: that is not essay (My Type of paper is written account of learning) *** Just let me know if you have any questions.

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