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Patient’s Rights Healthcare Portfolio

Each workshop will present information and scenarios for ethical decision making in a healthcare organization. Choose a scenario of a person dealing with a healthcare issue. As you learn about ethical decision making from different perspectives and cases, build a portfolio (in a presentation format) that you would use to assist other patients going through a similar situation or a healthcare employee who needs to know what to do in that circumstance. This presentation should be a tool to help a patient and healthcare employee understand effective and ethical patient provider relationships, guidelines that ethically prioritize decisions concerning patients receiving scarce or expensive medical procedures, protection and security procedures dealing with medical information to comply with ethical and legal standards, biblically consistent policies and procedures that respect human dignity and patient wishes in end-of-life issues, and positions on right to life in various medical situations from a biblically based perspective. In this workshop, you are to create the first two to four slides of your portfolio in a presentation format. By the end of the course, you will have a Patient’s Rights Healthcare Portfolio presentation with 10 to 20 slides. Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to: Evaluate decisions from a biblical perspective. Evaluate decisions using basic ethical theories. Evaluate decisions from a major moral principle perspective. Resources Bible: NIV Life Application Study Bible Textbook: Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Bioethics Instructions Review this workshop’s course material and your notes. Choose a scenario from the textbook or other source to use in your project. Begin creating two to four presentation slides by applying the following to your chosen scenario: Which basic ethical theories are being illustrated? Explain how decisions from a major moral principle perspective are developed in your scenario. Explain how decisions might look from a biblical perspective. Your presentation should: Be professional, present a clear flow of logic, and be understandable by the layperson (that is, someone with no healthcare experience). Be well developed by providing clear, insightful critical thinking. Add depth by incorporating the learning outcomes and introducing new ideas.

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