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Objectives assessed Examine what it means to be a health professional in a global environment Nursing Essay

Objectives assessed Examine what it means to be a health professional in a global environment. Demonstrate the range of literacies that inform health care and practice. Electronic and communication technologies are an integral part of your nursing practice now, and into the future. The use of these technologies is also written into your nursing practice standards (competencies) and later will be found in your job description and /or employment contract. Communication technologies, including social media has the potential to alter relationships between healthcare professionals and patients wherever they may be. As an undergraduate nursing student you have responsibilities about the use of social media. In the first weeks of the course you have gained a beginning understanding of the role of a nurse as a health care professional. In this assessment you are to draw upon the concepts of the Modified Stripling Model (2003) and examine your responsibilities as a university nursing student and a future registered nurse with the use of social media by exploring the University of South Australia Student Code of Conduct, University of South Australia Social Media Guidelines (2014) and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Social Media Policy (2014). Your task is to: • Provide an introduction to your discussion. • Briefly describe how you currently engage with social media. • Discuss how your use of social media will change with your role as a nursing student and future health care professional. • Conclude with a statement describing how your understanding of social media use has changed as a result of your reading. The assignment is to be presented in essay format and in accordance with the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Academic Writing Requirements

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