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Nutrition Article Critique Nursing Essay

Media Critique Identify, review, and critique a current media report on nutrition news. This should be a media report shared in a popular press venue such as a newspaper, television station, internet or other media outlet in the last 6 months. This is NOT to be a scientific journal (fun! Something different) Internet media outlets that often publish nutrition news include: Science Daily (Links to an external site.), the health links on any national news brand (CBS, ABC (Links to an external site.), NBC), NutraIngredients (Links to an external site.), Stone Hearth Newsletter (Links to an external site.). Write a 1-page critical (single spaced, not counting the reference list) review of the nutrition news report that you identified (25 points) and be prepared to lead a discussion regarding your critical review of the news report you identified in class (5 points). Turn in the actual news report, along with your critical review for full credit. • Briefly, it should include a one paragraph introduction, a paragraph summarizing the new article (where and when it appeared, who wrote it, etc), one to two paragraphs critiquing the story, including evidence provided by peer-review sources. Your review should end with a short conclusion paragraph, which restates your opinion regarding the accuracy and quality of the news report, presents your recommendations, and if necessary provides some explanation for your opinion. Your paper should include a list of references. You need to site at least 3 peer-reviewed sources for full credit, including at least 2 original research studies. An article titled Problem Areas in Science News, Reporting, Writing, and Editing (Links to an external site.)by R. Michael and J.W. Tankard identified several issues for readers to be aware of when it comes to critically interpreting science news. The following questions from this report may help you to think critically about the information provided in the news report you identified. Did the news report include interviews from scientists? What were the credentials of those interviews? Were these sources credible, appropriate, and biased? Was evidence from peer-reviewed sources included or referenced? Was the results of the science over-simplified or over-generalized? Was the results of the science over exaggerated? Was enough context provided in order for readers to correctly interpret the information provided? Could readers “take action” after reading this news report? If data was presented, was it interpreted correctly? Was information quantified? Was information about dose provided? Was the headline sensationalized to draw readers to the story? Words such as cure, cause, and breakthrough are often used to sensationalize findings. The grading criteria for your critical review paper is as follows: Topic (5 points) – The topic is interesting, timely, and from an appropriate source. Content – intro, summary (5 points) – The intro and summary paragraphs accurately and completely introduce the topic described and include information about the publication (where and when it was published, and who wrote it, how widely it was reported, etch) Content – critique (5 points) – The critique you provide is logical and backed by science-based and factual evidence. This section includes reference to at least 3 peer-reviewed sources. Content – conclusion (5 points) – The conclusion is logical and concise and represents the details of the critique. Mechanics (5 points) – Paragraph structure is logical. Word choice is appropriate and precise. No spelling or grammatical errors. Class Discussion (5 points) – must be in class on day of discuss, and participate in discussion by presenting your material or commentary on another students finding. PLEASE INCLUDE THE LINK TO WEBSITE OF ARTICLE

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