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This assignment involves finding an issue you have encountered in practice – this could be your clinical practice or nursing related work if you are employed in healthcare. Identify and reflect on the issue. Conduct a search for literature related to this issue and provide a brief overview of the evidence. Please be creative in identifying issues related to where you would like to work in the future (Middle east) – you may have also witnessed or experienced something during your clinical placements that you feel could be done better. This is your chance to prove that this is the case.

– Topic/ Issue: (Nursing workplace Violence). – Introduce your paper and provide some objectives. Define the issue you will be discussing. Make sure you provide a search strategy – as discussed in lectures, searches need to be repeatable and believable! Describe the evidence you have found. It may be better to do this in themes to make the structure of your paper stronger. Finally, provide a discussion/conclusion that draws this evidence together to support change in the issue you have identified. -10 peer reviewed (academic) journals (within last 5 years). – References must be in APA 6thedition. Be sure to provide strong evidence to inform your arguments. – Use of academic language within text referencing.

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