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Military Social Work with Military Families Custom Essay

March 28, 2016

Military Social Work with Military Families Custom Essay

This written assignment is focused on course readings of your choice. You are to select at least six (6) readings from the required course readings and integrate the main ideas or concepts into an original narrative. Do not use the two articles selected for the first assignment. DO not summarize readings (summaries will be returned to be rewritten). Discuss how these readings relate to the cases you have in the field, and/or to the course content with regard to military affiliated family demands/stressors. Use the readings to help you further explore issues that have been challenging to you in the field or to your pre course understanding. Relevant transference and countertransference issues that impact your clinical work should also be included among other topics. The paper should be no less than four (4) full pages double spaced and no more than six (6) pages long; you may write in the first person narrative but must use APA style for citations and references. NOTE: This assignment needs to integrate readings and personal reflections about field/practice and critical analyses of articles in relation to military affiliated families and not merely a summarization of readings. (Two citations from the same source do not count as two (2) different readings this would only count as one (1) reading). Do not cut, copy, and paste from previous papers you have written. This will be detected by and is considered plagiarism. You can use the same resources and ideas but verbiage has to be different. Grading criteria: 1. Critical Analysis and Use of Required Readings from Syllabus: Demonstrate working knowledge of the material through a thoughtful discussion of the selected readings and not just summarization. Critical thinking skills are demonstrated by an ability to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments, and draw conclusions from the literature (minimum of different six (6) course readings from the required readings) (40 pts.) Points earned _________ 2. Self-Reflection: Willingness to be self-reflective in three (3) areas (all three must be addressed in the paper): a). Potential countertransference issues; b).Potential ethical dilemmas in working with military/veteran families; c).Social justice/political issues affecting military families (25 pts.) Points earned _________ 3. Diversity: Discussion of diversity (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation, spirituality, religion, SES, disabilities) and the intersection with military culture (20 pts.) 4. Professional presentation: Organization and flow of content, including use of 12 point font Times New Roman, double spacing, correct use of grammar, punctuation and proof read, use of headings and subheadings, also including a very brief introduction and brief conclusion. Please do not over rely on quotes, paraphrase instead and for VAC students, please do not cite the VAC asynchronous material or class lectures. Although this paper can be written in the first person narrative proper use of APA style is expected (15 pts.)

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