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MGT 420 GCU Discussion questions and answers weeks 1 and 2

Topic 1 DQ 1
How does an understanding of management and organizational behavior lead to organizational effectiveness and
efficiency? Why is the study of management theories (classical, behavioral and modern management) relevant
Is important for all levels employee of employees to understand management, the lower levels should always
understand the management team in order to be able to work with them. Having a solid understandable
understanding of organizational behavior can be very beneficial to the growth of an organization I am a firm
believer and that A person’s attitude is a great attribute to how effective they can be in conducting business but
it’s not just in the workplace it’s in their everyday activities as well. If you look at work share my hand wrote the
importance of an organizational workplace enhances how skills are developed to complete our environment
Sherman 2014 employees will have a much more enjoyable experience developing skills and opting to their
environment. At the end of the day what this means is finding the right employees with the right attitudes to
help your organization grow. If you think about it as a manager how beneficial it would be do you have clear
expectations and plans for your employees to be able to reach the company’s goals. Windows employees have a
defined set of rules it takes out all the guessing and it allows people to work more freely and understand what
their job role is, and it overcomes all the challenges that many companies face. I’d really like to know what
other members of the class think about this?
Reference: Schermerhorn, J. (2014) Exploring management (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons. ISBN-
13: 97811118620199 (Available as a custom e-Book includes only Chapters 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 16, and 17)
Topic 1 DQ 2
What are the four career issues in the new workplace facing managers today? Discuss one of the major
challenges, highlighting its importance in the 21st century workplace and how it affects the behavior of people
within organizations?
The four career issues in the new workplace facing managers today are globalization, ethics, diversity, and
change in technology (Schermerhorn, 2014). Interestingly they all have their own special set of challenges. One
of the biggest challenges is globalization because it brings concerns of employment migration. Over the years
some of these ethical challenges have increase as upper management are small business owners decide to make
moral better decisions. Technology is always changing by creating additional issues for companies keeping up
with the changes in technology and understanding them is very important to some of the challenges that upper
management must deal with especially if followers are having to deal with the technology. And then of course
there is diversity in the workforce diversity brings challenges to senior management as to ways they can make a
great different culture that they have working for them. One of the most important challenge challenges is
failure of ethics because if an organization doesn’t have ethics they are going to fall apart on the impact on their
employees and society will fall. But at the end of the day out of all the challenges what stands out the most is
discrimination companies need to be more aware of discrimination on not allowing it to happen.
In to days 21st century people shouldn’t be judged about their religion, or their race, or age, sex,
disability, everybody should be the same. What makes a great organization of a company has a bad reputation in
the public there not going to get good people to work there. With good people there will be nothing. This makes
me think about the company that I’m working for now they have such good ethics and such good morals, and they
truly care about their employees I made truly show servant leadership. I’d like to know what kind of employers
and companies’ other students in the class work for how did they treat you?
Schermerhorn, J. (2011) Organizational behavior and management. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Custom Learning
Solutions, ISBN-13: 9780470942710

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