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Living with virtue is the best quest Custom Essay

March 28, 2016

Living with virtue is the best quest Custom Essay

The Big Essay and the Big Question. Choose Your Own Tone and Structure. The entire class is aiming at the production of a persuasive essay in which you address the class question, What Is The Best Quest? The answer will examine both the object (what is the best quest? Is it following a dream? Being rich? Living with virtue? Having all the vanilla gelato in the universe?) and how one might go about achieving it. Your answer should be a category of quest, not your personal goal. You must address WHY your idea of the best quest is, well, the best, using specific detail and/or examples. You should use the class readings as support. You may also use personal experience and, perhaps, a healthy imagination. You may also wish to consider any adversity–Green Knights, literal or figurative–or obstacles a person might face during this quest. Your essay should be persuasive in nature, but that doesn’t mean you must appeal to my emotions. Consider the type of argument you are making and go from there. You may use one of the rhetorical styles we’ve read this quarter (Scalzi, Dillard, Chiarella, Woolf) as inspiration, but use your own voice. You want to be convincing. The best way to do this is to care about what you are writing. Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear. Tell me what you want to say. You will not write me a dusty, dry, soul-less recasting of an SAT essay. No page limits. All works cited should be in MLA, though the essay itself need not be.

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