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Journal Entry on Practicum Experience Nursing Essay

March 25, 2016

Journal Entry on Practicum Experience Nursing Essay

As your practicum proceeds, consider the benefits and challenges of leadership. How do you foresee that honing your leadership skills may enhance your ability to successfully translate evidence into practice? Below are guidelines for your practicum and Discussion. •Speak with your practicum mentor about evidence-based changes that are currently underway or have recently been implemented in your practicum setting. •Critically analyze the practicum environment to determine what practices or situations are ineffective or would benefit from change. Assess data and refer to theory as you do this. •Propose a change in the practicum setting related to the translation of evidence into practice at the aggregate level. (Note: You are not required to implement the change, but you should select something that is feasible and appropriate given your practicum setting. You will use this proposed change to gain insights related to planning for and implementing change.) •As you engage in your practicum experience, develop your journal entry, and prepare for the Discussion, keep the following questions in mind: ?What is the role of leadership in the change process—specifically as it relates to your practicum setting and the change you have identified? What are some facilitating and inhibiting factors with regard to leadership and this issue? Refer to leadership and change theory. ?What opportunities and challenges could arise based on your personal leadership style as well as your role within your practicum setting? Consider the results of the DiSC, which you completed in NURS 8300. Use at least on Peer review scholarly article

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