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Indivudual Work HC:

March 25, 2016

Indivudual Work HC:

The following Web site, HRSA – Find a health Center Select a health center of your choice. Identify an environmental change factor (e.g., political, economic, legal, social, or cultural, etc.) you wish to address given the Web site information provided to you. In your own words, prepare a two page response that illustrates how your chosen health center decisions and actions were likely influenced and shaped as a result of your chosen environmental change factor. For your health center, address the following themes: 1.The historical purpose as to why the health center was created (the unmet community needs). 2.The progression of steps taken over time to achieve the present day organizational capacity needed to to address the unmet community needs. 3.The long-term plan of competitive and sustainable survival, or the strategy to be a health center in the future.

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