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responsible for the slides regarding #1 – Impact of the ACA on Nursing Management or Leadership Nurse managers must understand how healthcare policies at the local and national levels can impact their area of oversight. This assignment allows you to learn more about the Healthcare Reform Act and its impact on your area of practice. This assignment is completed in four parts. You must fully participate in all areas to receive credit. Nursing Management or Leadership a. Team Presentation The impact of healthcare reform reached throughout the profession of nursing, including the role of the nurse manager. Review the 2010 Healthcare Reform (also called the Affordable Care Act, ACA) and research the impact it has had on nursing. In this presentation, the team must consider 1) the impact of the ACA on the chosen specialty, 2) the impact on the specific patient population, and 3) the financial impact on the healthcare organization. Further review other elements of the ACA as needed. Each team will create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 20 slides (not including the title slide and reference slide). Each team member is responsible for including at least 2 peer-reviewed references that are less than 5 years old. Current APA format must be used, but no abstract is necessary. The notes section must represent what you would say if you were making the presentation live to a class. The final presentation must be submitted by 1 team member.

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