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Heart Association Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Treatment and Prevention Through Dietary Supplements and Cholesterol Free Foods Nursing Essay

Requirement Based on the powerpoint.Write a paper on the topic you presented the powerpoint, 10 to 15 pages, double spaced. Reference list is on extra pages. Purpose: The purpose of this course is to provide students with a broad knowledge of diet and health. Different patterns of dietary practices and their implications in nutrition are discussed. The standard American diet (SAD) and the adverse health effects are presented. The dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH diet) are further discussed. Topics included in this course are: Overview of diet and health, Standard American Diet (SAD) and DASH diet. The uses, adverse and beneficial health outcomes of SAD and DASH are discussed. Students will be able to understand and apply the knowledge gained in the class regarding the effect of diets on human health. Students are expected to realize that dietary patterns are strongly responsible for the leading health problems in the Unites States, which include hypertension, heart diseases and obesity. Students also understand the basics of research studies of DASH trials and the health benefits in following the DASH diet. Appropriate dietary patterns, such as DASH, are important in good health. By completion of oral presentations and written papers, students gain practical experience in searching for scientific literature on diet and health, and in analyzing and organizing the literature information. Students develop scientific presentation and writing skills. Recommended Reading and References: Specific references are also provided on the lecture power point slides.


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