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As healthcare evolves, models are proposed and utilized to help find the best solution to a problem Nursing Essay

My field is Advanced Nurse Practitioner APN. Instruction: Please write one full page for each discussion question. For each question, answer clearly and sufficiently all the bullet points that relate to that question. Make sure you answer the bullet point in depth and provide analysis of the information. Use appropriate citation for the work without coping and pasting. For question one, I provided you the book, chapter for the disorder and page for the care model. For question two, use the attached article. Discussion Question One: As healthcare evolves, models are proposed and utilized to help find the best solution to a problem. In your readings this week, you have learned more about the chronic care model. The chronic condition of my interest is mental health disorders (chapter 8). The model I want you to use is Community-Based Self-Care Model (page.160). • Select one chronic condition of interest to you and describe how the chronic care model could be utilized to manage that condition. • How do you view the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in this system? There may be many potential roles, but you only need to focus on one of them. Chapter 8 Book: Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals Author: Donna M. Nickitas; Donna J. Middaugh; Nancy Aries. (2014) Addition: 1 Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC ISBN: 9780763756598 Discussion Question two: There are many approaches to providing population based cost-effective care. Nurse-managed clinics are sometimes developed for this purpose. • Explain the clinic functions as described in the article. • What are the strengths? Weaknesses? • Are there any data available to help evaluate this system? • Does this provide any ideas to you of a potential clinic you might want to start? Coddington, J. A., & Sands, L. P. (2008). Cost of Health Care and Quality Outcomes of Patients At Nurse- Managed Clinics. Nursing Economic$, 26(2), 75-83.

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