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Research Question:
What are the barriers preventing the uptake of breast cancer screening programme by the Black and Ethnic Minorities women aged 50-60 years and living in East London Newham, UK?
Please include Newham health profile and current trend of breast cancer.
Chapter 1
1.2 Aim:
To explore the barriers that exist and prevent Black and ethnic minority (BEM) women to consider help seeking and the breast cancer screening programme available.
1.3 Objectives:
To find out women’s perception to breast cancer information
To identify if they are aware of the screening programmes available to them and
To determine the accessibility of BEM women to these services and consider their vulnerability in regard to breast cancer.
1.4 Rational of the study:
Exploring the barriers to the uptake of breast screening programme by BME women will help to determine initiatives required to improve Health promotion awareness campaign in regard to breast cancer and improve the use of screening programme in place.
Chapter 2
Methodology: This is Qualitative secondary research, peer reviewed.
Please only use reading materials from 2000-current
2.1 Inclusion criteria
2.2 Exclusion criteria
2.3 Ethical consideration
Chapter 3:
Literature Review
Please review previous literatures.
Chapter 4:
4.1 Findings
Please also include graphs or table to represent findings
4.2 Analysis
4.3 Discussions
4.3.1 Strengths and limitations
4.4 Recommendations
4.5 Conclusion
References: Harvard referencing

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