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When Health Fears Hurt Health Phobias

March 24, 2016

When Health Fears Hurt Health Phobias

When Health Fears Hurt Health Phobias can be more debilitating than we think. Sometimes people will neglect their health because of phobias and avoid the necessary checkups from health care professionals like doctors and dentists because of their fears of needles, diseases and germs. This article discusses how psychological interventions may show promise in treating such fears. Read “When Health Fears Hurt Health” by Melissa Dittmann from the July/August 2005 Monitor on Psychology. Answer the questions and email your responses to your instructor, or print and hand in. 1.Describe how phobias can affect one’s general health. 2.What treatments are used for dental phobias 3.What treatments are used for blood-injection injury phobias 4.How does cognitive-behavioral therapy help those with disease phobias Research paper must be based on the link above about phobias. All questions above must be answered in detail. Extensive vocabulary and very well organized. The paper should flow and have examples.

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