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General Psychology: Explain two ways culture influences human psychology Custom Essay

Answer the following questions in General Psychology: Include 2 references for each answer. Question 1: Post your definition of culture. Explain two ways culture influences human psychology. Then describe a specific example of human behavior (e.g., aggression, gender-specific behaviors, or mental health) and explain one way this behavior may be exhibited differently among the three cultures you selected. Give 2 references for this question. Question 2: Select an identification of the two theoretical approaches to cross-cultural psychology. Then, compare two similarities and two differences of those approaches. Finally, provide an example of how one of these theoretical approaches might explain the influences of culture on human behavior in one of the cultures you discussed previously. Include 2 references Question 3: Give a brief explanation of the different ways in which mental health and mental illness may be conceptualized in the field of psychology. Then explain at least two ways in which this conceptualization may influence your assessment and diagnosis of a client. Provide examples based on current literature and give two references. Question 4 Give a brief description of one variable that contributes to risk and resilience of clients. Then explain why this variable is important to client diagnosis. Finally, explain how this variable might interact with one individual variable in the development of psychopathology. Provide an example and justify your response using two references. Question 5: Give a brief description of your topic of research interest (DNA and behavior). Next, state the philosophical orientation that reflects your worldview and explain the epistemological and ontological assumptions of this orientation. Then, explain how these assumptions lend themselves to one or more research approaches. Include 2 references here. Total: 10 references

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