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Ethical dilemmas in a critically ill patient Nursing Essay

The assignment: paper exploring a clinical ethics issue of potential relevance to you as a medical student, related to an actual case that you have witnessed during observerships or office preceptor time. Evaluation will be based on quality and clarity of exploration and analysis of the issues, cogency of argument, independent thought, and use of relevant references and sources. Include justification for your thoughts and opinions. Appropriate citations must be included. my proposal: Paper Proposal: In the Heart Hospital, I got acquainted to a woman in her 50s with her daughter. Their story was that her mother, the daughter’s grandmother, who is in her 90s, requires a pacemaker and a decision was to be made whether the surgery is an appropriate choice for their loved one. The grandmother is a severe Alzheimer patient; she also has other comorbid disease like hypertension and diabetes. That was the last time I met them, and whatever happened is a mystery to me as well. However, several ethical themes must have emerged in the period this family was in the hospital. The possible themes than could have occurred are the capacity for an informed consent, surrogate and end of life decision-making. In this paper I will discuss these themes in general and in relation to the presenting case. Outline: 1. Informed consent 2. Surrogate 3. End of life decision-making so thats the topic and I included the themes I want the paper to cover and feel free to add details to the story in order to further illuminate the analysis.

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