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DNP (doctorate of Nursing Practice): Negotiation strategy for a position as a DNP (20%)

March 28, 2016

DNP (doctorate of Nursing Practice): Negotiation strategy for a position as a DNP (20%)

Negotiation strategy for a position as a DNP (20%) Each student will prepare a 3-page paper outlining a strategy for negotiating a position as a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) within a health care organization (e.g., a hospital, agency, system, physician or NP practice). The paper should include: • A description of the employing organization. This should not be your current employer. Include relevant, publicly available information—type of organization/agency/practice, geographic location, size, patient populations served, payer mix—again, include information that is relevant to the position you are seeking). • A description of the position and the employing organization. (If you are currently an NP, this should be different from your current position). • How will you fit into this organization? • What benefit will you bring to the organization? (What kind of economic value, improvement in quality, efficiency, patient satisfaction, or other benefit?) • What qualifications will you emphasize in demonstrating your value to the organization? • What kind of pay will you ask for—based on a straight salary, on revenue you produce, or another basis (or combination)? How will you decide what to ask for—what data will you need to formulate your request/demand? • To whom will you report in this position? • What kind of reporting mechanisms (if any) do you believe will be necessary? • What kinds of arrangements for collaboration (if any) with a physician or with other NPs should you have? • Include current academic curriculum vitae when you submit your paper. (This does not count toward your three pages, of course). • The paper does not require an abstract. You should include support (citations and references) for statements of fact, relevant sources, etc. Looking for a nurse leadership position in a new yorl area hospital.

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