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Discuss the differences between two models of health and healing

Requirement:For tassessment, navigate areas of focus that include professional presence, mindfulness practice, and healing environments. The areas of focus should help to create a professional presence plan that has both personal and professional application. As a young man, analyze your thoughts, beliefs, and values (inner world) and your activities, relationships, and experiences (outer world)Each section of tassessment should gauge how you use and interact with those two worlds. To help in understanding inner and outer worlds, use The Keirsey Temperament Sorter-II, an online personality test. The submission may take the form of an essay, etc. Be sure to cover each prompt in sufficient detail and support no matter what form you use.A. Professional Presence1. Discuss the differences between two models of health and healing (e.g., physical body, body-mind, body-mind-spirit/bio-psycho-social,) as they relate to what it means to be human.2. Analyze differences between one of the models discussed in part A1 and your professional presence (i.e., current beliefs, attitudes, and actions regarding health and healing).3. Discuss how your professional presence (mindful or distracted) influences your nursing practice.B. Personality Preferences1. Submit a results from the Keirsey Temperament personality test.Note: You should only submit the Temperament Mini Report provided by You can submit a screen shot or copy and paste the results into a document for submission.2. Analyze your test results, including areas that may or may not align with how you view yourself.a. Evaluate how the preferences identified by the test align with your relationships, favorite activities, and career choices.b. Discuss two potential challenges or barriers (e.g., barriers in communication, decision-making) that could be minimized by your enhanced self-awareness when working with opposite personality types.C. Mindfulness Practice1. Develop a mindfulness practice plan consistent with your interests, goals, and beliefs by doing the following:a. Create two specific goals for each of the four Aspects of your whole person (physical, vital/rhythmic, mental/emotional, and biographical/spiritual body) to maintain balance.b. Discuss how you will achieve each of the goals created in part C1a, including how you will adjust to the changing of your whole person.D. Healing Environments1. Analyze two optimal healing environments in healthcare to identify the common elements of internal, interpersonal, behavioral, and external environments.2. Discuss how you intend to apply self-awareness and insights gained from part D1 to promote professional presence in your current healthcare setting.

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