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Discuss the concept of Ergonomics”

1. Discuss the concept of Ergonomics” Explain the importance of ergonomic as it relates to both the planning and restructuring of the HIM Department. Discuss how ergonomics can also be used to ensure the proper physical environment is provided for all staff (height, weight, disability etc.) What might be a few examples to consider when planning a move of HIM department for an employee that is short statue? For an employee that is IRAQI war veteran that is missing a limb? An employee has severe allergies with dust, mold and strong perfumes etc.? What federal laws exists or organizations that promotes the practice of proper ergonomics. 2. Human Resources (HR) and Health Information Management (HIM) are two separate professions and in a health care facility, two separate departments. Explain the collaboration that occurs between these two unrelated departments when it comes to the process of recruiting the most qualified applicants to fill the open position within the HIM department. Identify what you believe is the process starting with the HIM director creating two positions for an additional coder and a transcription’s supervisor? Who makes the final decision in the hiring process? In addition, what role does the HR department play when an employee is terminated?

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