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March 28, 2016


The class discusses the pros and cons of different forms of e-authentication and the mechanisms used to deploy them, such as Public-Key Infrastructure and Token-Based Authentication.
Authentication, authorization and access management issues are very important nowadays. Authentication is considered one of the great ideas in computer security. We would like you to focus on this issue.

QUESTION 1 (At least 275 words)
Authentication Administration Practices
Discuss ways that an organization may streamline the administration required to implement and maintain a strong authentication solution.

QUESTION 2 (At least 275 words)
User Friendly Factors
Discuss ways in which the use of strong authentication can be designed to be “user friendly” without compromising its effectiveness.

QUESTION 3 (At least 275 words)
Post Authentication Measures
After users are authenticated, what measures can be employed in order to maintain security when users are away from their computers?

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