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Coursework Learning; Understanding the concept of nursing process and guideline

‘’Understanding the concept of nursing process and guideline to write nursing care plan for undergraduate nursing students ‘’ this course work is two section I wrote for you which information I will need it in each section just focus on main points and brief explanation in each headline I wrote it and Make sure the information should be synthesis when you write the information at least use 2 references I will upload for you the references it will help you and the coursework instruction First section about nursing process which includes: ¥ definition of nursing process ¥ Purpose of nursing process ¥ Characteristic of nursing process ¥ Nursing theories that underpinning nursing process and their application (use Ida Jean Orlando and dorothea Orems self care deficit theory) in each theory you should write major concept and application ¥ Nursing process steps and you must mention any update in nursing process 1- Assessment should include the followings: ¥ Assessment definition and purpose ¥ Assessment steps ¥ Collecting data (sources, types and methods of data collection) ¥ Validation of data ¥ Organization of data and you should use framework (it could be Gordon’s functional heath pattern or Maslow human needs) ¥ Interpretation and documentation of data. ¥ Type of assessment (database assessment – focus assessment) 2- Diagnosis ¥ definition and purpose of diagnosis ¥ Type of nursing diagnosis (actual, risk, possible and syndrome nursing diagnosis) ¥ Diagnosis process (analyzing data, identifying health problems and risk and formulating diagnosis statement, 2 parts statement, 3 parts statement) 3- nursing planning and outcomes identification ¥ define and purpose of planning ¥ Type of planning (initial, ongoing and discharge planning) ¥ Planning process (priority settings and its important, establish client goals (short and long term goal) ¥ Desired outcome which should be SMART ¥ Selecting nursing intervention and Activities ¥ Type of nursing intervention (independent, dependent, collaborative intervention) 4- Implementation / intervention ¥ definition and purpose ¥ Steps, activity or process of implementation 5- Evaluation ¥ definition and purpose of evaluation ¥ Steps or process of evaluation The second part is guideline to write nursing care plan Pleas look at this source just section 2 Begin, L. The Nursing Student’s Practical Guide to Writing Care Plans. Available from,Nursing,Student’s,Guide,to,Writing,Care,Plans.pdf You can start from this point Data collection and organization I would like from you use this section to provide a guideline for undergraduate students to write nursing care plan which means you need to outline the main features of each headings in this section which clarify important points in it. pleas make it simple and do not make to much information Pleas make sure to use the references Regards,

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