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Community Nursing Custom Essay

August 03, 2011

Community Nursing Custom Essay

Paper Details:

• [Introduction:] This beginning of your paper should catch the reader’s attention with interesting facts about your community and should include the purpose statement of the paper. This should be one paragraph. APA states that you should not title this as introduction; however, you are still expected to write a separate introduction. The title of the paper should be repeated at the top of page two and centered.
• Community Overview: Identify the community that you are assessing by name and state and provide a general description of the community. What is the general character of the community? Statistics should not be included here. Your community should be the area you live or work in and should include a residential area. It should be a large enough area to answer the questions in the text. This should be one paragraph.
• Demographic Data: Compile a range of demographic (population description) data for your community by examining U.S. Census Bureau reports. Using this data, describe your community. Compare your community data to state or national data. A summary of this data should be no more than two paragraphs.
• Epidemiological Data: Compile and summarize a range of epidemiological (illness, morbidity, and mortality) data for your community by examining data from sources such as city or county health department reports, County Health Rankings (, or the Centers for Disease Control to describe priority health problems in your area. See the Webliography for applicable sites to search. Compare your community to state or national data. This comparison will help to identify a priority community health problem specific to your community. A summary of this data should be no more than two paragraphs.
• Windshield Survey: Provide a summary of your observations from your first milestone. Make sure to discuss observations related to your identified problem. This should be one to two paragraphs.
• Problem Diagnosis:
o Using the assessment data, identify one community health nursing problem that you consider to be a priority concern.
o Relate your choice to one of the Healthy People 2020 specific numbered objectives (not just a goal). Healthy People objectives are located within a topic area under the Objectives tab.
o Your rationale should also include why this is a problem in your community and factors that contribute to the problem. Avoid discussion of interventions in this milestone.
o Include a discussion of your problem with information from at least two scholarly sources (such as professional journal articles). (Review the documents in the APA category in Doc Sharing for help in determining sources that are considered scholarly—hint, .com websites are not considered scholarly sources). This should be no more than three paragraphs.
• Summary: Summarize your community assessment and diagnosis findings and include a brief statement about the problem and the major factors that contribute to this problem. This information should be no more than two paragraphs.
• Reference Page: All references should be cited within the paper and should be included on the reference page.

windshield survey:
Criteria Your response
1. Introduction of Community (20 points)
Identify the city and state of your community and briefly describe the community you will be using for this assignment. It should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting but must include a residential area. Demographic data are not needed. The community I will be using for this windshield survey is Richmond West, located in Miami, Florida. This community is composed mainly for Hispanic and White people. I have been living in this area for approximately ten years, and I must say that it is a very quiet and friendly neighborhood.
2. Windshield Survey (100 points)
a. Vitality: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the community vitality. While driving around in the morning, I noticed a few elderly people, White race, using walkers and talking to each other in the street. They appeared well nourished, well dressed and clean. In the evening, school-children were playing and riding bicycles in the street with the supervision of their parents, who also were riding bicycles, and others were with their dogs. They all appeared Hispanic and White origin, healthy and well nourished. Also there was a woman in a wheelchair with her dog and two young women walking with a stroller and a little baby. I did not see any visitors, or any person mentally impaired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

b. Indicators of social and economic conditions: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the social and economic conditions. The majority of the houses in the community are single family homes, which are all kept clean with beautiful gardens in the front. There is not any dilapidated housing or areas undergoing urban renewal. There is not any public housing either. The majority of the residents have personal cars. There are a lot of bus stop with benches and shades, but I did not see any person at the bus stop. However, in the morning, there was a bus from a healthcare company picking up elderly people. The same bus returned in the evening to drop them off. The residents seem to be working during the day because the amount of cars in front of the houses is less in the morning than in the evening. There are not homeless people visible at any time. There are a couple of shopping centers that offer job opportunities to the residents of the area. This is an urban area, so there are no farms or agricultural business, as well as no seasonal workers. In addition, there are no women along hanging out in the streets or children or adolescents out of school during the day time. There are a few campaign signs and some advertisements placed on the bus stops. There are a very few daycares and a total of six schools (2 learning centers, 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school). The nearest college is approximately 7 miles away and the nearest university is approximately 13 miles away.

c. Health Resources: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the health resources. There are no hospitals in the community. The nearest hospital is located approximately 6 miles away. There is only one urgent care clinic which is open every day until midnight, and there are a lot of dentist’ and doctors’ offices, who are general and family practice and they also specialize in different areas of medicine. There is also a lot of pharmacies available like Walgreens, CVS, Publix and Wind Dixie pharmacies. However, there are no nursing homes or rehabilitation centers, alcohol or drug treatment centers, homeless or abused shelters, or blood donation centers. I think the resources available in the community are appropriate and sufficient to address the needs of the residents.

d. Environmental conditions related to health: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the environmental conditions. In the community, there is no evidence of any ground, water or air pollutants. All the houses appeared in good condition and well painted, not overcrowded, dirty or in need of repair. Some of the houses have screened porch and windows. The roads are also in good condition, with no holes and the drainage systems in place. There are adequate traffic lights, signs in the sidewalks, and the streets are well lit. There is also handicapped access to the sidewalks and streets. There are a total of 4 parks in the community where the children can go and play in the evening. There are only a few day care facilities and 2 learning centers. There are some restaurants in the area, where people can eat inside and outside if they wish. No food is sold on the streets and restrooms are only available inside the facilities. In addition, there is no evidence of any nuisances such as ants, flies, mosquitoes, or rodents in the area, and there are no animals wandering either.

e. Social functioning: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the social functioning. There are a lot of families in the neighborhood. Children are supervised by their parents, and sometimes when they are playing outside, you can see up to 3 generations of family members. All the residents in the neighborhood are very friendly, and they help each other in case of any problem. If one of the residents go out on vacation, the neighbor watch the dog or the house in case something happens. There are also some persons that work for the police that have their cars parked outside their houses that they also watch for the security of the neighborhood. However, there are no post signs of community groups for neighborhood meetings. There is only one catholic church in the community. I did not observe any suspicious of social problems like gang activity, juvenile delinquency, drug or alcohol abuse, and adolescent pregnancy.

f. Attitude toward healthcare: Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the attitudes toward healthcare. I did not see any botanical or herbal medicine shop. There are a lot of doctors’ offices specialized in diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonologists, renal and gastroenterology medicine. These resources are well utilized by the residents of the area. However, I did not see any preventive or wellness care, or any advertisements for health related events, clinics, or lectures.

3. Conclusion: (20 pts)
Provide a summary of your findings and your conclusion. What problems did you identify? After completion of this survey I realized that this community is kept cleaned and secured by all the residents, but is lacking of healthcare facilities. Even though there are a lot of doctors’ offices, there is only one urgent care center, and there are no preventive or wellness care centers. In addition, another problem is that there are no nursing homes or rehabilitation centers, and I think that would be important considering the elderly population living in the area.


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