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William smaile is a 65 year old man, who present to his general practitioner’s office with complaint of right forearm swelling redness, and pain. he was recently discharge from the hospital where he had been receiving intervenous antibiotics for a respiratory infection. subjective data pain level is a 5/10 location =right forearm arching retired foreman at a local industrial plant objective data vital sign BP 150/68, T 37 degree centigrade, p 80 , r 16 swelling and reddened right forearm, warm to touch +pulse brachial and radial (R) +2 capillary refill finger right hand 1. what other assessments should be included for this patient 2.for yor reading, what is the most probable cause of the swelling 3. what is your nursing diagnosis 4. what would be included in the nursing care plan 5. what intervention might be include in the plan of care for this patient +pulse brachial and radial R

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