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You believe that massage with lavender oils can reduce muscle and joint pain, and so think it ought to be used for people after they have had joint replacement surgery Nursing Essay

Task Read these practice scenarios: 1.You believe that massage with lavender oils can reduce muscle and joint pain, and so think it ought to be used for people after they have had joint replacement surgery. However you are not sure if it is the massage, the lavender oil or the personal care that produces a good effect. 2.As a nurse in an aged care facility you are aware that the incidence of falls among elderly hospitalized clients is a frequent local clinical problem and you wish to improve this issue. 3.As an adolescent health worker you are concerned about cyber bullying and that it may be an issue for some of your clients Instructions This assignment requires you to place yourself in the shoes of a practicing clinician who is seeking the best outcome for the person(s) for whom they are caring. Often there are a range of treatment options available to us. To make the most appropriate decision we need the best most reliable information and good understanding of the patient and their context. Sourcing and critiquing research is central to making good decisions. Choose one of the scenarios from above. Then answer the following questions with regard to obtaining the best available evidence to inform practice in relation to the scenario you have chosen: Questions to address 1. Evidence gathering: (See Chapters 2 & 3 in your Hoffman text) •Using the PICO format, devise two questions that can be informed by research. (For example: Is intervention A more effective than intervention B in…………….?)-(Hint: read the examples in your Hoffman text on how to formulate a question for investigation using the PICO format and apply it to your scenario that you have chosen above). •What are the different types of research evidence that could be sought to improve care and outcomes for the client/patient in your chosen scenario? Differentiate between the types and levels of evidence. (Hint: investigate in your text qualitative and quantitative research paradigms and the hierarchy of evidence to help answer this). 2. Decision making processes: •Comment on how you would consult with other health professionals about the evidence you have found that can inform a possible solution to your scenario (you should identify health team members) and comment on how a judgement about whether or not to use the evidence will be made. •Comment on how you would include the patient/client and their family in deciding what evidence is appropriate for the situation. (Consider patient/client needs and context in your answer). Required format •Your response may be formatted in short answer form. However you MUST include references. •You need to post your response online.You may prepare your answers in Word, but in order to submit, you need to enter your answers into the editing space provided in Moodle. This can be done by copying and pasting from your Word document if you choose to write in Word first. •The answer space in Moodle is editable, so you can come back and revise your response up until the due date. Note that answers uploaded to Moodle as document files will NOT be marked. Marking criteria for this task Download these marking criteria. Use them to guide you in preparing your response to this task.

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