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Animal welfare versus animal rights

You have been appeoached by a well-known TV channel to write a report investigating the current concepts, views and opinions of both animal welfare and animal rights on nociception and suffering in animals. Your report must present both sides of the story and must not show any bias towards one or the other. If your report is success they hope to do a prime television piece on this to show your findings.

Write an essay that compares and contracts the current concepts and views surrounding nociception and suffering in the following animals:
.Laboratory rats
.The production pig
.The octopus

You must compare and contrasts both the animal welfare and the animal rights views surrounding this subject in a non-bias manner. Within this you must discuss the philosophical theories of key thinkers in both animal welfare and animal rights. You also must discuss and evaluate scientific evidence in relation to nociception in the three species of animals named above and discuss how this may influence the theories of the thinkers. You must include both behaviouraland physiological indicators of suffering.

Things to consider
-Views and opinions of animal rights and philosophers
-Pain and suffering

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