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Aloe vera: the magic of wound healing Nursing Essay

Dear Writer I have received an order 3 days ago “Aloe Vera”. I didn’t like the content and the writer didn’t understand what I exactly need. he missed some major points. There were many wrong citations and references and the writer used unreliable sources. I had to delete half of it. I have uploaded the edited version “aloe vera “ and I uploaded another file “aloe vera 2 ” which contains information I gathered and I put the citation (in orange color) and reference to each information. Please paraphrase these information in the file “aloe vera 2” and add it to the file “alo vera” which I have edited. Please don’t use any other reference or information and if you had to please provide the right citation. Only use scientific article as reference. This essay topic is “ aloe vera for wound healing “ it is a monograph of 2200 words, focus on use of aloe vera on wound healing 1-Abstract (summary of the content and purpose of essay) 2-Introduction 3-Origin, history and current use of the plant 4-Active constituent and pharmacology 5-Preclinical and clinical evidence 6-safety profile (side effect, toxicity, contraindication ) 7-Conclusion Please cover make sure the essay cover all the 7 points and makes it easy to read. I am an international student and I don’t use hard academic language.

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